Residential Installation Instructions

Weather Barrier

HardieWrap weather barrier installation

HardieWrap weather barrier installation

HardieWrap® Weather Barrier

HardieWrap® weather barrier is a non-woven, non-perforated polyolefin water-resistive barrier, as per AC38. HardieWrap weather barrier provides a balance of water resistance and breathability to protect homes from the elements of weather that can get behind the exterior cladding. HardieWrap Flashing and HardieWrap Seam Tape are recommended in conjunction with HardieWrap weather barrier to complete the HardieWrap weather barrier solution.

HardieWrap Weather Barrier Installation Instructions

HardieWrap® Pro-Flashing & Flex Flashing

HardieWrap® Pro-Flashing and HardieWrap® Flex Flashing are high performance, self-adhering, self-sealing, butyl material on tear-resistant top sheets that are applied around windows and doors to manage water and air intrusion. HardieWrap Pro-Flashing has a release liner for peel-and-stick installation and has no asphalt, VOCs or solvents. HardieWrap Flex Flashing is designed to easily stretch and seal around doors and windows, as well as custom shapes to protect against water intrusion, and is supplied in a convenient dispenser box. Together with HardieWrap weather barrier and HardieWrap Seam Tape, HardieWrap Pro-Flashing and HardieWrap Flex Flashing provide the James Hardie weather barrier solution to manage water drainage, and prevent water damage and energy lose.

HardieWrap Pro-Flashing & Flex Flashing Installation Instructions